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For many people of mixed-heritage our hair is our defining feature. It can be complicated for many parents who haven’t had to deal with the range of textures and curls that come with a blended child . We at MYXIT feel your pain , we are blends of Black, Indian, White, East and West African to say the least and for some of us our parents’ didn’t know how to treat our mixed hair considering their own was either sleek and shiny or thick with tighter curls ?

MYXIT is here to take away the stress of sourcing the best hair and skin care with our carefuly selected experience in `a box. We search high and low to discover the best quality products so our subscribers can find the perfect solutions for their perfectly blended hair and skin needs, each and every month. of the like white hair, (brushing it out all the time, shampooing it every day) and her dad wanted to treat it like black hair, (putting grease in it). That might work for some if your kid’s hair is super fine or super coarse but many mixed kids (mine included) have a mix of hair textures.

Our team is small but perfectly formed , all travel enthusiasts, who travel the globe to source the best big brands and independent companies who develop hair for the range of mixed textured hair and skin products… we also take in the sights Our beautiful boxes have an average value of £50+ and contain at least 4 hair or skin care items - one of which is always a full-sized item. Unlike most boxes, sachet samples are given as an extra treat in our MYXIT boxes and our team focus on making sure every edit has a great value. . There is sometimes an extra special treat for a young guests!

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength." Maya Angelou”



Welcome to MYX-IT ,We don't just curate a box ,We deliver you an experience, A carefully selected array of hair and body treats hand picked to cater for our delightfully blended clients.

We feel your pain

We have taken the hassle out of testing and searching for products specifically tailored for the variety of blended types of hair and textures. Each box comes with tips and guides to help you navigate how best to manage your or your children's hair. .

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